Tuesday, September 14, 2010

twenty four hours

well folks, welcome to my blog!
i didn't intend to create an account (for numerous reasons including, but not limited to: my past failures with blogs - i think i've had at least two; my past dismissal of other's blogs - even close friends whom i care much about: forgive me; and finally, my lack of commitment) but here it is! thanks to those of you who encouraged me to do this. i hope to update it from time to time as i traverse india and nepal.

this is slated to be my first "beyond-north america" journey.

by twelve noon tomorrow i should be on route from kingston to pearson international airport in toronto. my flight leaves at five forty five pm. i fly first to new jersey; i can already picture the new york city skyline in the east as the sunsets in the west: beautiful in my mind's eye. after a forty five minute lay over (quick eh? i hope my bag gets out in time) i take off once more - this time direct to delhi. we travel for fourteen and a half hours and land twenty three and a half hours after we took off; due to time zones of course.

from delhi international i will be escorted by car in the care of dr. b.s. kang, father of my dear friend shaminder, to punjab - noted by some as the punjab (i think that's a colonial hangover. not unlike the sudan)
this trip, lasting approximately 8 hours, will, in the words of shaminder, "scare me to death". hopefully not.

once grounded, after almost two days of travel, i have only a broad outline: a week or two in punjab, a week crossing india headed east, a few weeks in nepal, then back to punjab to meet shaminder in november so we can explore the sights of india together for a month. may god bless my journey. i hope to relax; take a needed vaction; and learn how to appreciate life again without constantly deconstructing every single action and thought. i am very grateful for this opportunity and would like to acknowledge those fine folks who have helped me in my preparation. your support means a great deal and i couldn't have done it without you.

here's to the interconnection of life; new experiences; and a beautiful world, filled with beautiful people, brimming with potential to love fully. may we all learn something new from this. may god be glorified; and may i learn more fully what i mean by that. that's all for now, by grace alone,


  1. beauty robb,
    i will follow your journey with a pile of curiosity... what will unfold to make this adventure formative? God only knows.
    peace friend.

  2. great to hear you arrived in delhi, brimming with excitement; can't wait to hear what the ride to punjab was like!
    shaminder facebooked meg; accordingly she has become the conduit for updates
    we love you
    stay wide-eyed and open-hearted
    love mom