Sunday, September 19, 2010

live from's monday morning!

hello folks!
i have arrived, safe and mostly sound, and i must admit, it feels oddly comfortable to sit down to the keyboard: this is my longest computer-fast in many years and my first connection to most of you (actually, all of you except shaminder) since arrival.

the coles notes version:
the last five days have been a whirlwind of travel. from toronto to delhi -on time and in style (complete with tasty matar panar on the plane); from delhi to nawanshahr -in one of the most overwhelming, yet surprisingly relaxing drives of my life; nawanshahr to a small indian village somewhere two hours away (more to come on this); small indian village to, first, ludhiana, an incredibly busy and populated city center: the largest in punjab, and back; then from the village to chandigarh, the capital; returning last night to nawanshahr.

the mentioned village is home to the lineage of shaminderjot singh and his father dr bs kang; where the formers parents and siblings still reside with their progeny. this is rural india at its finest. fresh dairy products daily from the buffalo whom share the confines of the complex; tasty indian food made by the women in the traditional, partly underground kitchen, and hospitality out of the ying-yang. in fact, i have been so welcomed that i need a break. the service i have received is nothing short of amazing. from being given one of the best beds in the house, to constant attention (and translation) care of shaminder's cousin (a nice young man who wants to come to canada), and having all expenses paid for, at all times. i look forward to finding some nice pottery or a rug to buy for them in thanks.

there is so much to be said that i need not begin now. this is a post to let you know im here and in very good hands. i hope to write someday soon on the amazing juxtaposition of this country; of its sites and sounds...and smells. of the ways in which i am reflecting on culture and the ways in which i have been growing. but to keep this brief, i will post on these reflections over the next few weeks. stay tuned. until next time.

lots of love, now and always.


  1. Thanks for the update! Sounds amazing; we'll be praying for you. (todd and chelsea)