Sunday, November 14, 2010

home, eh?!

why hello friends, family, and other internet stopper-bys;
after a few weeks of prayer, and some very good conversations with (my wise and dear friend) shaminder, i have decided to come home two weeks early. although i miss out on the wedding and hanging out in rajasthan with the kangs, i feel as if my decision is responsive to god's promptings in my heart and i anticipate what comes next!

indeed, i write this message from the comfy computer chair of la maison de ma mere in kingston, ontario. i arrived late last night after a ridiculously long and complicated journey home; punjab, delhi. delhi, frankfurt. frankfurt, new jersey; new jersey, toronto. toronto, kingston. including lay overs and the fact i missed a connecting flight, the trip totaled 51.5 hours! nevertheless, i enjoyed myself thoroughly and was comforted by the superfluous amounts of free food and drink provided by the airlines. i must say, lufthansa is the way to go.

while my time in india has come to a close -for now-, i still have many reflections i wish to share. if you feel so obliged check back in the coming weeks for my thoughts on following god's spirit, my interactions with hindu and sikh celebrations/festivals, and a more colourful account of my final days and trip home. for now i will suffice it to say that the past two months have been a wonderful blessing and i am deeply grateful for my experiences. i look forward to sharing with you in more detail.

by grace alone, daily i am reminded,
robb :)

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